Organic Quinoa Flour – 1 kg

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It is a grain crop grown for its edible seeds, which have high protein content. Quinoa is a little similar to buckwheat. Quinoa flour is made by grinding quinoa grains into finer particles to get flour. It is creamy yellow to ivory white in colour. Quinoa is a tiny pseudocereal grown in the Andes. The seeds can be used either raw or roasted and the flour is typically blended with other flours in a variety of breads, pastries, desserts, and other baked goods. The seed is gluten-free and is considered a healthy food of the future. Quinoa flour has a very bold flavor, almost grass-like and a little bitter, that sometimes can overpower a recipe. It has found that with a gentle toast, the flavors balance out and helps make quinoa flour even more versatile. 

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